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What are the factors that affect the price of IC recycling?

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In recent years, with the rapid development of the electronics industry, the number of electronic products on the market has increased. The speed of their replacement is much faster than imagined, so almost every friend has more or less One or more electronic products that are no longer in use. Although they are no longer used, the IC chips of these electronic products are very valuable. If you sell them to the IC recycling company, you can get a considerable fee. But different IC chips have different recycling prices.


Since IC recycling companies have only appeared in recent years, when they recycle ICs, the recycling prices they give are different. If you buy other products, as long as the price is within the market's specified range, you can make a purchase. However, there is currently no uniform IC chip recycling price on the market. So if you want your IC chip to sell at a better price, then you need to contact several recycling companies, then look at their quotations, and then find the company with the highest quotation and sell the chips to them. can.


Another factor that affects the price of IC recycling is the age of IC chips. Since everyone already knows that IC chips can be sold to a recycling company, everyone must protect their IC chips when using electronic products. If the IC chip itself is bad, then the recycling price will be lower. If other parts of the electronic product are damaged, but the IC chip does not have any damage, and the protection is better, then the recovery price of such an IC chip is higher.


Therefore, if you have electronic products that are no longer in use, then do not discard them directly. It is more appropriate to find a suitable IC recycling company to sell them. If you can guarantee that the IC chip has not been damaged, you can still sell a higher price and get a lot of money.