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What aspects of IC recycling need to pay attention to?

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Many IC products waste raw materials, this part of the waste is of no use to the layman, but when it comes to the IC recycling agency, it will turn waste into treasure, even if it is waste, it will play a certain value, all kinds of metals in IC products. The content is very high, and some professional electronic material inventory recycling agencies will recycle IC products through various channels. In the recycling process, what aspects of IC product recycling need to pay attention to? Below by Ruiye Electronics, for your brief introduction.


First of all, we must do a good job in the classification of IC recycling products. There are many kinds of IC waste products. Different types of IC wastes will have different recycling prices due to the different metal content of the waste itself. At this time, a recycling agency is needed, a professional recycling person is arranged, and the waste materials are sorted and screened, and the recycling classification is done. This can maximize the recycling efficiency. If the recycling organization is not professional enough, or the recycling technicians have limited business capabilities. It is bound to cause confusion in the classification of recycled waste, which will eventually lead to a significant reduction in recycling revenue, and may even cause serious losses to the recycling agencies.


Secondly, before IC recycling, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant national recycling regulations. For toxic and highly polluting IC products, recycling protection strategies must be implemented, which can not cause secondary pollution of IC waste to the environment. Containing very high heavy metal raw materials, these heavy metals are toxic and highly polluting elements. If they are not properly recycled, they can cause irreversible pollution to our living water resources and soil resources, thus threatening our human health. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out recycling in strict accordance with relevant national recycling laws and regulations.


Finally, after the completion of the IC recycling process, the waste electronic materials must be properly preserved. They must be stored in a professional warehouse for storage. They should not be discarded at random, placed in a random arrangement, and should not be exposed to the sun. Rain, because the rain is acidic, electronic waste will be in a humid environment for a long time, which will cause heavy metals in the electronic waste to penetrate into the soil, and will penetrate into the groundwater seriously. Therefore, after the IC products are recovered, they must be sealed. , placed in a warehouse sheltered from light and rain.