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How to deal with waste IC recycling

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Many people have not paid attention to IC recycling. I feel that IC inventory is useless. In some mobile phone repair shops, there are also many mobile phone motherboards or ICs that have been removed. I don’t know how to deal with them. If you are in the hands of a professional, you can turn waste into treasure.


If no one specializes in recycling these electronic stocks, and when we have these waste products, we may throw them away and eventually enter the land or river. If not properly treated, these electronic products will release toxic and harmful substances, which will change the nature of our soil and water sources, and cause harm to our body and the natural environment. When residents near a certain place, many people Problems such as headaches for no reason, or being diagnosed with a certain disease, must have a lot to do with the environment or water pollution here.


If you are a person with a certain environmental awareness, you will contact some IC recyclers when dealing with these electronic materials. For example, professional companies such as Ruiye Electronics know that these professionals will handle these electronic ICs. The first thing to do is to see if the IC magnetic strip is separated from the device. If it is not, it needs to be disassembled professionally. When these professionals receive these electronic materials, they will sort them according to the type of products, or split them into parts, and distinguish some useful electronic products from scrap products. Useful products will be sold by them, many Small electronics factories will need these electronic components for simple assembly and production, and new electronic products.


Therefore, the recycling of used ICs can be properly handled. Especially in today's digital products such as mobile computers, the rapid generation of electronic materials, whether it is enterprises or individuals, should be environmentally conscious. Remember not to discard them.