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Shenzhen Yingchuang Crystal Core Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Address: 28th Floor, Huaqiang North Guoli Building, Futian District, Shenzhen
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Shenzhen Yingchuang Crystal Core Electronics Co., Ltd. is an electronic material terminal recycler
Our recycling business is: recycling personal original IC, acquiring factory electronic materials EXCEL list Welcome middlemen (remuneration)
The services we provide are: single IC chip quotation, electronic inventory evaluation, on-site evaluation (national door-to-door)
Our development targets are: individuals who have a fixed model of fixed supply for a long time. A factory that processes electronic materials on a regular basis. a partner with long-term IC supply,
Our recycling range is: original IC, memory chip mobile phone motherboard (disassemble, with board fonts are recycled) FALSH series. Capacitance resistors, two or three tube crystal oscillator tantalum capacitor relay connector IGBT module MOS tube TF card, SD card, CF card, etc.
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